Fire alarm and signal cable

Voltec has an extensive collection of fire alarm and signal cables. We supply exceptionally high-quality products for an excellent price. 

Fire alarm and signal cables are available in the colours red and grey, with or without aluminium foil shielding and ground wire. The insulated cores either consist of PVC with a low-flammability or of a halogen free compound that is fire-retardant. Cores consist of a solid bare copper wire (category 1), which are available in various diameters.

In case of a fire it is essential that cables do not contribute to the fire, smoke formation, and the emission of harmful gases. By choosing the right cable you are contributing to a safe and environmentally friendly installation. The J-HH and J-H (St)H cables are highly suited for this, as they are fire-retardant and do not emit any harmful halogenes in case of a fire.

We also provide cables for emergency evacuation systems (slow whoop), and other installations for which functional integrity E30-E90 is required.

Screened Unscreened
PVC mb J-YY / YR-mb J-Y(St)Y
Halogen free J-HH J-H(St)H
Functional integrity


Some cables and characteristics:

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