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Core Values and Promise

Voltec and its suppliers have a solid reputation when it comes to quality, durability and sustainability, which stretches back for over 40 years. At Voltec we believe that agreements are binding, which is why we- and our suppliers- keep to certain core values and promises.

Voltec's Core Values

  • Protection and conservation of the environment.
  • The promotion of durability by reducing waste and encouraging recycling.
  • A large offer of environmentally friendly products for clients who prefer durable alternatives to traditional products.
  • A respectful and safe working environment for our employees.
  • Clear communication. We maintain transparent and clear communications with our clients and suppliers. 
  • Proactivity. We are diligent and think ahead. We look for the added value in every situation and respond to this by showing initiative to fulfil our client's requirements.
  • Honest and reliable. We think along with our clients in a sincere manner. Voltec promises to do what is right and is determined to do business with integrity.